Welcome to BBS online virtual training

BICSc accredited and Cleanlogic™ certificated training courses are now being converted to complement our face-to-face training.  

The courses available will grow, meaning that any training you wish to undertake can be taken at your own pace and at a time to suit to you.

The courses and workshops consist of video presentations, useful documents and video demonstrations. Each chapter will have a round up at the end with a short quiz testing your knowledge, and at the end there will be an assessment of multiple choice questions that you will need pass to complete the theoretical part of the course. 

In a number of the courses there will be assignments that need to be completed and submitted. 

Please remember any CPSS or Accredited training will be followed by a face-to-face assessment by one of the BBS team, this will either be in person or via a live video link.  Purchasing the course includes the cost of this Assessment. 

You should only register for the Licence to Practice (LTP) renewal if you have previously held an LTP that has expired within the last 3 months. 

To undertake any of the CPSS skills training courses you must hold a Licence to Practice (LTP) that is in date. 

We hope that you enjoy your learning experience through the BBS Virtual Training Suite.


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  • Can I leave my learning and return when convenient?

    Yes, you can complete the course in one or many visits. When you return to the training suite just log in and you can continue from the point you reached on your last visit. If you wish to review what you have completed, you can do this too.

  • How long does the training take?

    The courses do not have a specific timescale. The virtual suite is designed so that you can learn at your own pace at times that suit you.

  • Who and how do I contact for help or if something goes wrong?

    If you need any help, please email BBS.

  • Are these recognised qualifications?

    BICSc and Cleanlogic™ are private, professional cleaning qualifications internationally recognised by many employers within the cleaning sector.

  • I cannot remember my log in password. How do I find it?

    If you cannot remember your password, you can click on the ‘Forgot Password?’ link on the log in screen and create a new password. Remember to keep a note of your password in a secure place.

  • Can I have printed certificates on completion?

    • CPSS LTP and Skills training do not issue certificates, a skills card will be issued once successful assessments have been completed.

    • Cleanlogic™ courses and workshops will issue an electronic certificate which you can print if you wish.

  • How can I pay for a training course?

    We ask you to pay by card online when enrolling for a course. When you enrol, the system will take you through the payment options.

    If you are bulk booking and wish to be invoiced, please email BBS who will discuss further options with you. Please note no access to virtual training will be given until payment is received in full.

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