Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome and aims

    • Welcome

    • Course curriculum

  • 2

    Practical exercise

    • Practical exercise introduction

    • Practical exercise

  • 3

    Why and how we train

    • The benefits of training

    • The training cycle

    • Learning retention

    • Training styles

  • 4

    The trainee and the trainer

    • The trainee

    • The trainer

    • Trainer behaviour

    • Overcoming objections

    • Effective questions and answers

    • Practical exercise review

  • 5

    Training preparation and support

    • The environment

    • The equipment

    • Training aids and support material

  • 6

    Training delivery and feedback

    • Training delivery

    • Assessing feedback

  • 7

    Summary and next steps

    • Course summary

    • Next steps

  • 8

    Test your knowledge

    • Test your knowledge

    • Test your knowledge

  • 9

    Resource centre

    • Reference documents

More Information

  • What is BICSc Accredited Trainer?

    This course has been designed to enable candidates to share and cascade BICSc skills training knowledge, to allow for independent assessment and certification. Providing the skill set to ensure that their candidate comprehension and basic trainer abilities are sufficient for hands on practical training.

  • What are the training aims?

    • To understand the benefits of training
    • To understand how candidates learn
    • To understand the skills and behaviours required to train
    • To ensure candidate comprehension
    • To understand how to prepare for a good training session

  • Who would benefit from this training?

    Cleaning Operatives, Supervisors and Managers looking to cascade BICSc CPSS skills throughout their organisation.

  • Assessment

    The course requires you to be assessed by a BICSc Licenced Assessor. Assessments are held at the BICSc Training Suite in Northampton or via live video link. In this assessment you will be required to train the assessor in a BICSc CPSS skill of your own choice that you already hold.

  • Qualification requirements

    Any candidate embarking on this course will need to hold a valid Licence to Practice (LTP) and a minimum of 3 CPSS Skills.