BICSc Cleaning Supervisor's Certificate

The new BICSc Cleaning Supervisor’s Certificate is intended to be the ‘go to’ qualification for the industry.  It aims to provide a robust and well-rounded knowledge for any supervisor of cleaning operatives.

Who would benefit from this qualification?

  • Individuals in the industry with operative experience who have moved (or are about to move) into a supervisory position and have decided (or their employer has) that the individual would benefit from gaining a recognised qualification.
  • Individuals entering the industry (or wishing to), with or without work experience, that have started a supervisory role or want one in the future and gaining this qualification will help them to acquire a job.


Candidates can register at any point and work at their own pace throughout the course, the maximum time allowed for completion is 12 months.

Course content

The course will consist of 10 modules, each module may contain a mix of presentations, videos, learning aids, assessments, and assignments as applicable to the module topic.

  • The Role of a Supervisor 
  • Health & Safety in the Cleaning Industry
  • Practical Skills*
  • The Principles of Cleaning Science
  • Control of Cross Contamination
  • Human Resources and Customer Service
  • The importance of and how to effectively train within the cleaning industry*
  • Cleaning Standards and Inspections
  • Effective deployment of cleaning operatives
  • Practical Assignment**


Successful completion of a module will allow the candidate to progress onto the next module.  If a candidate is not successful in a module a second attempt can be made. 

All training will be delivered via an e-learning environment. It has been structured to achieve modules steadily at the candidate’s own pace up to a maximum of a 12-month period. Tutor support will be available throughout the course.

*Modules 3 & 7 require live assessments.

**Module 10 will require personal assignment completion and submission.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Can a candidate take a single module?

    No this is a complete course, certain of the modules are available in a stand-alone format, enrolment on the course means completion of all modules.

  • 2. If a candidate has completed a standalone Cleanlogic™ course previously, do they have to undertake it again?

    Yes, as enhanced knowledge and assignments will be built into these modules that are not present in the standalone course/workshop, it may mean it is easier/quicker to proceed through the module.

  • 3. Do modules have to be taken in order?

    Yes, there is an operational logic to the order that builds knowledge.

  • 4. Is Approved Prior Learning considered?

    The only module that considers prior learning is the Practical Skills module as these will have been previously assessed by BICSc. Any other module will have had no prior assessment, just attendance on a course, there is a requirement of assessment for each module.

  • 5. Can assessments for the skills and Accredited Trainer be done remotely?

    Yes, but it would be our preference for these to be done face to face to allow the candidate more tutor time and practical advice.

  • 6. What is the price per module?

    The modules are not available individually it is a complete course price only.