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  • What are the training aims?

    BICSc defines cleaning inspections as an inspection or scrutiny of a building’s cleanliness. This course has both theory and practical elements to demonstrate the process in cleaning inspections. Candidates will be able to apply principles that produce accurate results and good judgement when inspecting any built environment.

  • What is the course content?

    The Course is split into chapters and lessons, each lesson can contain a mix of voiced presentations, videos and interactive questions. There are pictures used where appropriate and a quiz at the end. You must complete each lesson before you move onto the next one. There are a number of useful downloads for your use as well.

  • Who would benefit from the training?

    Anyone involved in the inspection process, including Supervisors, Managers and Clients.

  • Pricing

    The price displayed is a non-member price, if you are a member please supply the special offer code in the checkout procedure and you will be charged the member price of £240

  • Duration

    The course will take a maximum of 4 hours if completed in one sitting, however you can start and return to this course as many times as you wish over a 14 day period from enrolment/purchase.

  • Completion

    Upon completion of the course you will receive an electronic Certificate of attendance.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome and aims

    • Welcome

    • Course aims

  • 2

    Understanding the meaning of cleaning inspections

    • What is a cleaning inspection?

    • Practical exercise inspection sheet

    • Practical exercise

    • Perception

  • 3

    Soil types

    • Soil and dirt

  • 4

    Cleaning fault types

    • Cleaning fault type definitions

    • Identify the fault type answer sheet

    • Identify the fault type quiz

    • Identify the fault type quiz answers

    • Practical exercise

  • 5

    How do we inspect?

    • How do we inspect?

    • Element definitions

    • Practical exercise

  • 6

    Record your findings

    • Record your findings

  • 7


    • Summary

    • Thank you

    • Test your knowledge

  • 8

    Resource centre

    • Course back-up documents