More Information

  • What is a BICSc Licensed Assessor?

    This course has been designed to enable candidates to be able to assess their colleagues in BICSc CPSS Skills. Candidates must be attached to a BICSc Accredited Training Member.

  • What are the training aims?

    • To understand what an Accredited Training Member is
    • To understand what a BICSc Licensed Assessor is
    • To understand the skills and behaviours required to assess
    • To understand how to use the BICSc CPSS App
    • To understand the BICSc CPSS kit and the paperwork required

  • Who would benefit from this training?

    Cleaning Operatives, Supervisors and Managers who are part of a BICSc Accredited Training Member and are required to assess CPSS skills throughout their organisation.

  • Practice & Verification

    The course requires you to be verified by a BICSc Licensed Verifier. Verifications are held at your centre and will coincide with your audit or a scheduled visit.
    Before you are verified you will need to attend a practice day either at the BICSc Northampton training suite or at your centre site.

  • Qualification requirements

    Any candidate embarking on this course will need to hold a valid Licence to Practice (LTP) and a minimum of 7 CPSS Skills.
    Candidates will also need to be linked to a BICSc Accredited Training Member.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome

    2. Course curriculum

    1. Accredited Training Member

    2. BICSc Licensed Assessor

    3. Roles and responsibilities recap

    1. Hard copy or electronic?

    2. CPSS kit resources

    3. CPSS kit downloads

    1. Assessment guidelines

    2. Pre-assessment briefing

    3. Marking the assessment

    4. Assessment debrief and submission

    5. Assessment process recap

    1. How to use the CPSS assessor app

    2. Save assessment as PDF

    1. Assessment criteria

    2. Assess the candidate

    3. Pass or fail?

About this course

  • £360.00
  • 21 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content