More Information

  • What is a BICSc Licensed Assessor?

    This course has been designed to enable candidates to be able to assess their colleagues in BICSc CPSS Skills. Candidates must be attached to a BICSc Accredited Training Member.

  • What are the training aims?

    • To understand what an Accredited Training Member is
    • To understand what a BICSc Licensed Assessor is
    • To understand the skills and behaviours required to assess
    • To understand how to use the BICSc CPSS App
    • To understand the BICSc CPSS kit and the paperwork required

  • Who would benefit from this training?

    Cleaning Operatives, Supervisors and Managers who are part of a BICSc Accredited Training Member and are required to assess CPSS skills throughout their organisation.

  • Practice & Verification

    The course requires you to be verified by a BICSc Licensed Verifier. Verifications are held at your centre and will coincide with your audit or a scheduled visit.
    Before you are verified you will need to attend a practice day either at the BICSc Northampton training suite or at your centre site.

  • Qualification requirements

    Any candidate embarking on this course will need to hold a valid Licence to Practice (LTP) and a minimum of 7 CPSS Skills.
    Candidates will also need to be linked to a BICSc Accredited Training Member.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome and aims

    • Welcome

    • Course curriculum

  • 2

    Roles and responsibilities

    • Accredited Training Member

    • BICSc Licensed Assessor

    • Roles and responsibilities recap

  • 3

    Cleaning Professional's Skill Suite

    • Hard copy or electronic?

    • CPSS kit resources

    • CPSS kit downloads

  • 4

    The assessment process

    • Assessment guidelines

    • Pre-assessment briefing

    • Marking the assessment

    • Assessment debrief and submission

    • Assessment process recap

  • 5

    CPSS assessor app

    • How to use the CPSS assessor app

    • Save assessment as PDF

  • 6

    Practical exercise

    • Assessment criteria

    • Assess the candidate

    • Pass or fail?

  • 7

    Summary and next steps

    • Course summary

    • Next steps

  • 8

    Resource centre

    • Reference documents