Licence to Practice (LTP)

Your passport to a career in cleaning

  • What is a Licence to Practice?

    Licence to Practice training covers the essential skills required for anyone who carries out cleaning tasks. Candidates must complete the LTP to understand the reasons and practicalities of safe working before progressing onto further skills training within the Cleaning Professional’s Skills Suite.

  • For full details about the Licence to Practice (LTP). Please check the assessment criteria before buying this course.

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  • What are the training aims?

    Understanding of health and safety • Understanding COSHH • Understanding Dynamic Risk Assessment • Understanding electrical safety • Safe use and care of equipment • Importance of correct dilution • Cleaning store housekeeping

  • Who would benefit from this training?

    Anyone who carries out cleaning tasks in their organisation.

  • Assessment

    The course requires a face-to-face assessment, either in person or via live video link once it has been completed in order to gain the accreditation.

Course curriculum

    1. Storage of equipment

    2. Storage of equipment recap

    1. Health and Safety compliance and considerations - Part 1

    2. Health and Safety - Part 1 recap

    1. Health and Safety compliance and considerations - Part 2

    2. Health and Safety - Part 2 recap

    1. Electrical Equipment safety checks

    2. Electrical equipment safety checks recap

    1. Manual equipment safety checks

    2. Manual equipment safety checks recap

About this course

  • £100.00
  • 18 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content


  • Will you provide all the information like the data sheets for chemicals?

    • Under UK Health and Safety law, if a company has 5 or more employees, the employer must undertake a COSHH and Risk Assessment and they must be easily accessible to all people on site. Chemical Safety Data Sheets are compiled by the chemical manufacturer and, by law, must be provided by your chemical supplier.

    • Also you should have in place a Standard Operating Procedure/Method Statement.

    • For your live online assessment, you would need to demonstate all of this documentation is in easily accessible and up to date.

    • If you attend our BICSc Training Suite in Northampton for your assessment, this information is provided as our training suite is fully equipped.

    • If you require more information on Safety Data Sheets, Risk Assessment, COSHH and Method Statements, there is an online training course available, Cleanlogic™ Principles of Health and Safety, split into 3 sections. More information is available online here

  • What equipment do I need to complete an online assessment?

    All of the online assessment requirements are listed in the LTP Brochure, please click this link.

  • Do you show any slides?

    • The training is made up of presentation slides and demonstration videos.

    • There are several documents you can download including the LTP Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) prior to the assessment.

  • During the assessment can I use my kitchen sink, or a bathroom sink, if I don’t have any food around?

    Unfortunately, the assessments are not suitable to be carried out in a home environment. For the full requirements please click here.

  • If I am doing the assessment at the BICSc Training Suite, do I need to bring any equipment with me?

    No, the BICSc Training Suite in Northampton is fully equipped with everything you need to complete the assessment.

  • Can I have a copy of the video to watch?

    You have access to the course for a week from when you start and can watch the video as many times as you wish during this period.

  • If I am not successful in the assessment, can I retake it or will I need to pay again for the full training?

    All assessments are scheduled for a 2-hour time slot. The Licence to Practice (LTP) assessment takes between 30-45 minutes to complete.

    The allotted 2 hours comprises of a 20-minute Q&A session at the beginning to enable you to clarify any points you are unsure of and allows enough time for you to restart the assessment should you not be successful at the first attempt. We will work with you to help in any way we can.

What our students have to say

5 star rating

Equipment Storage

Sivakumar Vellingiri

Easy to listen and understandable from the course content.

Easy to listen and understandable from the course content.

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5 star rating


Claudette Cowans-Porter

Great topic

Great topic

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